Freedom to Design
Delgia is as independent as you are !

Delgia gives you the freedom to let your design ideas and dreams be fully realized. You can create your living space with a variety of hand-selected materials that match the character of the space and the people that live in it. Hand finished forms harmonize with human ergonomics and the surrounding architecture. Delgia’s precisely engineered functionality works simply and perfectly. This freedom of design continues right down to the finest kitchen detail.



Delgia represents a focus on the essentials.

Many things in life can be made easier and better through intelligent minimization. Delgia follows this principle with its purist, ergonomic design. People can focus on the important things in life: The enjoyment of family and friends. 


A place for work and conversation

Cooking and conversing with friends and family at the same time: With a kitchen island, you face the people in the room. The island supports numerous functions, such as the water point and cooktop. It provides a working area for preparing and cooking as well as efficient and adequate storage space.

Wall Cabinets

A stand-alone piece of furniture

Thanks to its sculpture-like appearance, you can position the Delgia Kitchen wall line unit free-standing against a wall; its self-contained form makes this possible. The basic functions of the kitchen can also be integrated. 


Tall Units

An efficient use of space

If you need more storage space – for example, to integrate built-in appliances – Delgia Kitchens can grow upward to accommodate your wishes. Even ceiling-height solutions are possible. The planning takes into account your personal ergonomic and architectural situation.

Internal fittings

Clarity in every detail

The clarity of the exterior is continued on the inside with simple, geometric forms. Drawers and pull-outs in sensuous birch create structure and order. The simplicity of the interior features complete Delgia Kitchen Studio’s Purpose, creating an overall visual harmony. 

How we build your dream Kitchen ?

Site Visit​

In preliminary site visit, measurements are taken and site is completely inspected for any ambiguities.​

Design Process​

After the site visit, a design is proposed by one of our exquisite designers as a starting point for your project. Then after carefully discussing ideas and possibilities with client a design is finalized by mutual acceptance between the client and designer.​

Installation Process​

Everything is pre-built and installed in our Factory before delivering to your home. Our quality assurance teams make sure that everything is in place and according to our company standards only then your product is delivered on your site with confidence and is completed within a few days.​